Yoga is more than a mere exercise for me – it is an art form that requires mental, physical, philosophical and spiritual discipline. I have been practicing yoga since I was a mere toddler, and it has shaped the way I approach the world. Given that Yoga developed some time around the 5th century BCE, learning this ancient form has allowed me to connect deeply with the historical tradition of my country. Practicing it in our modern world has, on the other hand, helped me bring it into the future. While I have won many yoga tournaments, what has affected me most profoundly is the mental calm that yoga instills. That sense of mental calm is what inspired me to make yoga more accessible, easy and enjoyable for young people, especially students, through my app, YogUP. You can download my app on the App Store, Play Store.

IPSC Yoga Cometition 2017.  First in Artistic Yoga and First in Rythemic Yoga.

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