About Me

I am Shreya Goel and I combine eastern and western knowledge to develop tools for our modern world. I’m a black belt in Shotokan Karate, a classically trained ballerina, a trained yogi and a self-taught artist. I am committed to mental and physical wellness, to women’s safety and to pushing forward into the future.


Along with academics I have an interest in variety of field. I have participated in various competitions and won. But more than that, it’s what I have learnt from each is far more important.

I’m a trained ballet dancer (have been learning for more than 8 years now) and performed at various TV Channels. Dancing gives me immense pleasure. Ballet has played a very crucial role in my life, challenging me at each stage and making me stronger both physically and mentally. It is not just dance that I have learned from ballet, but a means to express myself. Just like reading, doing ballet connects me to a completely different world. I am not concerned with what is around me but just go so deep into the character. I have also learned how to interact with my troop, be always prepared for anything, presence of mind, stage awareness and most importantly – overcoming stage fright. Having my base in ballet, I have been able to very easily mould myself into other dance forms as well. I am a very versatile dancer who has also performed different styles of Indian Classical and Folk dance along with other western forms and won prizes and audience’s appreciation and applause.

My agility and physical feat are not only restricted to dance, but has enabled me to take up other sports as well and excel in them too. I’m a black belt in Karate and as a young Yogi who has won various National competitions. These sports, including athletics, further imbibed values like perseverance, fearlessness, and virtue in me. I have learnt to not get defeated by failure and that with every fall comes a chance to rise again and fight.

I also like to express myself through the medium of art. Paintings and sketches have been my world since I was very young. Nothing is better to clear my mind or take a break than just being able to pen down my thoughts on a piece of canvas. It’s my passion to learn and explore new things. Academics has given me knowledge about the subject, through dance and art I give expression to my creativity, while karate, yoga and athletics keeps me focused, fit and calm.